Source & Binary


Source & Binary was founded in 2020 by Richard Crowley to build secure, reliable, and compliant cloud infrastructure for clients who need a solid foundation for their SaaS products. In 2022, consulting services gave way to full-time support of Substrate and its growing customer base.

Richard spent six years in engineering leadership and as Principal Engineer at Slack. He helped the company grow from 20 to 2,000 employees, thousands to tens of millions of users, and from venture-backed startup to public company.

He has extensive experience developing and operating large infrastructures, especially in AWS, that manage petabytes of data, millions of simultaneous connections, and rigorous compliance requirements. He was a member of the AWS Customer Advisory Board while at Slack. He advises investors and startups on cloud infrastructure in the context of business goals.

He tolerates computers, likes bicycles, is not a very good open-source maintainer, and lives in San Francisco with his wife and two kids.