dynamically How to change prettyCheckable checkbox with jquery(check and uncheck)

jquery get checkbox status (2)

You can use pretty checkable functions:




How do i change prettyCheckable checkbox with jquery, to check and uncheck? I tried everything.. Actually i'm able to change, the checkbox checks and unchecks, but visually doesn't change.. I tried numerous ways:

$('#part_PAC-050-0142').attr('checked', true); 
$('#part_PAC-050-0142').prop("checked", true).change();
$("ul > li > div > href", "#radio_parts").addClass("checked");
$('#part_PAC-050-0142').addClass("checked", true);


None of this worked, none changed visually the prettyCheckable checkbox..

Answer #1

if u are using jquery version jquery 1.6 + use prop else use attr

Here i think remove .change()

$('#part_PAC-050-0142').prop("checked", true).change();


$('#part_PAC-050-0142').prop("checked", true);