javascript how Resetting form after submit in Angularjs

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You can reset a form by, $scope.formName.$setPristine(); but if you're binding a model object to your inputs, you need to take care of clearing those too, ie:


Hi I have a form which does update on button click.

 $scope.action = "Update";
  var id = $routeParams.editId;
  scope.item = updateRecord.get({ id: id });

Once the item is updated it doesn't remove the entered information in the form fields. I was wondering what is available in angularjs to add in the above code after udpating so that it also clears to form. Thanks

Answer #1

At the bottom of your submit function's body run this code below.

// Reset the form model.
vm.project = {};
// Set back to pristine.
// Since Angular 1.3, set back to untouched state.

"vm.form" is my form name.

For more info have a look at this docs page:

Answer #2

1) To Remove the values in Form Fields and to reset you can use $setPristine();


2) Next, to set the form to Untouched State too use $setUntouched();

(If you have required fields in your form Fields and also if you are using ng-messages then if you don't use the below function those fields will show error.)


Answer #3

I dont get the question, but maybe, you can clean the form in the Html component:

function: ngSubmit(), send the data. taskName is the name of the field, also taskBody.

<form (ngSubmit)="onSubmit(taskName.value, taskBody.value); taskName.value=''; taskBody.value=''" #taskForm="ngForm">