php - lock - fopen(); “Remote host file access not accepted” on a local file?

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After upgrading to the tcpdf 6.2.6 in vtiger 6.2 I've had the same problem, sending e-mail with pdf.

So I have changed the file:


I have commented the code in fopenLocal() and changed the line

 fopen($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$filename, $mode);


         * Wrapper to use fopen only with local files
         * @param filename (string) Name of the file to open
         * @param $mode (string) 
         * @return Returns a file pointer resource on success, or FALSE on error.  
         * @public static
        public static function fopenLocal($filename, $mode) {
    //      if (strpos($filename, '://') === false) {
    //          $filename = 'file://'.$filename;
    //      } elseif (strpos($filename, 'file://') !== 0) {
    //          return false;
    //      }
            return fopen($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$filename, $mode);

After changing this, it worked.

I am using the Tcpdf module and PHP to create dymanic PDF invoices from an ordering system.

The script should then save the invoice into a folder called "invoices". The folder exists, and there are full permissions for "everyone" (Windows).

The code I am using is this:

$pdf->Output('invoices/Delivery Note.pdf', 'F');

This uses fopen to save the file.

However the error I am getting is: Warning: fopen(): remote host file access not supported, file://invoices/Delivery Note.pdf

This is a local file, not a remote one.

I attempted adding a / prefix like this:

$pdf->Output('/invoices/Delivery Note.pdf', 'F');

but then I get this error instead: Warning: fopen(file:///invoices/Delivery Note.pdf): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

I created the file, and left it empty, but the same error as above.

Does anyone know why I am getting this error?

Answer #1

From php-Script you can use:

$pdf->Output(__DIR__ . '/invoices/Delivery Note.pdf', 'F');

Answer #2

I suggest using the following as Gerd has also suggested but make sure you use an absolute path:

$pdf->Output(__DIR__ . '/invoices/Delivery Note.pdf', 'F');

The path must be an absolute path & not a relative path. This PHP bug report explains why:

The reason relative paths are not supported with the file:// wrapper comes down to a compromise in how UNC paths are dealt with (and more specifically how / are fuzzily interpreted as \ for windows installations).

For Example:


Could be interpreted as a relative URI: foo/bar from the current working directory, OR it could be interpreted as a UNC: \foo\bar (share bar on computer foo).

For this and a few internal reasons the file:// wrapper is limited to absolute paths when called explicitly. For relative paths either use realpath() {as you did in your report}, or omit the explicit naming of the file wrapper.

You can then avoid modifying the TCPDF code and worrying about any upgrades replacing your modified code.

Answer #3

similar to user1007017, but just comment the line like shown below (tcpdf 6.2.11)

public static function fopenLocal($filename, $mode) {
        if (strpos($filename, '://') === false) {
            //$filename = 'file://'.$filename;
        } elseif (stream_is_local($filename) !== true) {
            return false;
        return fopen($filename, $mode);