program - How to show a list of spelling suggestions in the default Eclipse XML Editor?

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I have the default Eclipse spell checker enabled. When a spelling error is detected while I'm working in the Java editor, I can use Ctrl-1 to show a list of suggested spelling corrections.

However, when I'm working in the default XML editor, Ctrl-1 doesn't appear to work. The misspelled words (in comments, mostly) are correctly underlined in red, but I cannot seem to figure out how to get a list of spelling suggestions.

In case this is a platform-specific problem, I'm running Eclipse Helios on Ubuntu 10.06 with OpenJDK 6.

Answer #1

In Eclipse Luna, XML spell check works great with CTRL + 1:

Answer #2

Is there anything strange about the file you're editing, i.e., how it got into the editor?

Corrections for spelling mistakes are also triggered by Ctrl+1 there. Does Ctrl+1 do something else?

Answer #3

Try ctrl+a and then ctrl+1. It gives sth like a list of spelling errors - at fact a list of all corect suggestions.