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eclipse required projects on the build path missing (5)

For some unknown reason the projects that I created in a workspace are no longer listed in the package explorer tab. The actual files of the programs still exist on the flash drive which was the designated workspace. How do I correct this problem so that I can access the projects in this workspace?

Answer #1

A simple solution that requires deleting the affected projects from your workspace, then importing them again:

  1. Delete the affected projects from your workspace (do not delete from disk)
  2. Open the files. File >> Open Project from File System >> Select location of files >> Select projects to open.
  3. After you import them, it should work.

Answer #2

Are you in a different workspace? Try File > Switch Workspace or if you are in the right workspace already, you could try File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace and re-import the projects.

Answer #3

I found a way to resolve this issue without creating a new project.

My projects disappeared from the Package Explorer view when I was in the Java EE perspective. When I switched to the Java perspective, they reappeared in Package Explorer.

Version: Mars.2 Release (4.5.2) Build id: 20160218-0600

Not sure what caused this issue out of the blue and how long this solution will hold.

Answer #4

I had a case where my project disappeared from the workspace and when I tried to import the existing project into workspace, Eclipse reported the project was already in the workspace! So I simply created a new project with the same name/location as the folder in which the project was located. This brought the project back to life in my worskpace. This worked in Kepler version of Eclipse.

Answer #5

Try a refresh (F5) of the workspace.