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How can I add current Eclipse project to git with EGit? (1)

I have GAE project in my Eclipse and I want to add it to my local git repo, how can I do that?

Answer #1

Since creating a Git repo within a GAE project is possible through command line, it is possible through Egit:
Follow that Egit tutorial:

For a new repo:

Right click your project, select Team -> Share -> Git.
Select the proposed line and press "Create repository". Press finish

Create the file ".gitignore" in your project with the following content.
All files / directories which apply to the pattern described in this file will be ignored

But you can also add it to an existing local repo by:

  • making a special branch for your project in your local repo (with just the .gitignore file in it)
  • clone it where your current project is
  • add all your current project files in it
  • import said Git repo into your workspace: See 4.2 Clone existing project.

informatik01 adds in the comment a link to a short article describing how to do it using the command line:
Adding Eclipse Project to Git

cd ~/workspace/my-project
git init .