The Android emulator is out of view, how can I move it?

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more exactly from your home directory

(on Linux: $HOME/ on Windows: C:\Users\<your user> ) go into

.android/avd/<image name>

open the file emulator-user.ini and set window.x and window.y to 0.

window.x = 0
window.y = 0

If you don't see the hidden dir .android on Linux press Ctrl+H and from Windows select View>Options>View (Tab) and select "Show hidden files"


If the file emulator-user.ini doesn't exist, close the emulator window, then check the avd directory again. This is because emulator-user.ini is generated after the first run of the emulator.

I used an additional display with my laptop and moved the Android emulator there. It seems to remember the location even if the display is not connected anymore.

Is there any way to reset the position of the window so it becomes visible again?

Answer #1

Alt + Space works just fine. The emulator-user.ini answer did not work for me.


Answer #2

For Windows operating system Control panel -> Programs -> Turn window features on or off -> check Telnet client and Telnet server option -> ok

now open your cmd as administrator come to your 'c' drive path using cd\


C:\telnet localhost 5554

now it's open new window write

window scale 0.3

here 5554 is your emulator screen number and 0.3 is your screen size, you can change as you want for example 0.2 or 0.4 etc

Answer #3

It was easy. I opened the avd location and the file emulator-user.ini contains the location and can be changed.

Maybe someone else needs it.

Answer #4

For windows 10 users, just press

ctrl + alt + up_arrow_key

Side note:

ctrl + alt + left_arrow_key
ctrl + alt + right_arrow_key
ctrl + alt + down_arrow_key

this will rotate your screen

Answer #5

You can use this Method for moving any window that is off the screen in a windows environment.

  • First Select the window either by Alt-Tab or Click clicking it
  • Press Alt & Space keys together
  • Press "M" or select it with the mouse Use your arrow keys to move the Window
  • Press Enter to exit

This is far easier than editing any files.

Answer #6

At First Go-to your AVD MANAGER SECTION & Click On It ,Then

  1. Right Click on Your Virtual Mobile & See "Show On Disk " & Click on it

  2. Then you see Your AVD Drive & see emulator-user.ini & Then open it .

  3. set value window.x = 0 window.y = 0

  4. Close & Restart Your Project & AVD Also .