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Adding a region

Substrate keeps you prepared for the day when you need to tolerate the failure of an AWS region. Everything is built with this in mind, even if such capabilities aren’t used from day one. When you need to add a second (or third) region, it’s a simple matter of expanding your network and running your existing Terraform code to start using it.

Regions are added by substrate-bootstrap-network-account. To add a new one (or two), simply respond as follows to its prompts:

  1. Run substrate-bootstrap-network-account -fully-interactive
  2. Answer “no” when asked if your list of regions is correct
  3. Add your new one in the text editor that was opened for you, paying attention to the order you want your qualities presented
  4. Save and exit the text editor
  5. Unfortunately, if your changes cause sufficiently many VPCs to be created, the tools will open support cases on your behalf to have service quotas for VPCs and related resources raised
  6. When substrate-bootstrap-network-account exits successfully, your network is ready for use in the added region(s)
  7. Run substrate-bootstrap-deploy-account
  8. Run substrate-create-admin-account for all your admin accounts
  9. Run substrate-create-account for all your domain, environment, quality accounts