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AWS Support

You may wish to purchase an AWS Support plan for one or more of your AWS accounts. Doing so can get you access to phone support, more urgent SLAs, and more. AWS Support is annoyingly account-centric rather than organization-centric which makes it potentially a lot more expensive and much harder to purchase.

If you’ve decided one (or more) of your accounts need an AWS Support plan, here’s how you purchase it (buckle up).

  1. Visit in an incognito window
  2. Leave “Root user” selected
  3. Enter the email address of the account
  4. Click Next
  5. Click Forgot password?
  6. Respond to the captcha and click Send email
  7. Open the link emailed to you in an incognito window
  8. Reset the password (change it to something truly outlandish and setup MFA in order to ensure the continuity of your organization’s security) and, after that’s finished, click Sign in
  9. Sign in using that same email address and the password you just set
  10. Visit
  11. Click Change plan
  12. Select the plan you intend to purchase
  13. Click Change plan again (or, if you’re purchasing Enterprise Support, follow the flow to contact AWS as they’re going to want to speak to you)