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Closing an AWS account

From time to time you may want to close an AWS account that you’ve created through Substrate or close a legacy account you invited into your organization and finished migrating into domain accounts. Either way, the process is unfortunately tedious.

Before you begin this process, note well that AWS enforces a waiting period of "a few days" (which they really do neglect to specify more precisely) between an account joining an organization, whether by invitation or creation, and that account leaving the organization. If you’re met with this error (or you know you will be), do what it says and try again in a few days and possibly up to a full week.

  1. Visit in an incognito window
  2. Leave “Root user” selected
  3. Enter the email address of the account
  4. Click Next
  5. Click Forgot password?
  6. Respond to the captcha and click Send email
  7. Open the link emailed to you in an incognito window
  8. Reset the password and, after that’s finished, click Sign in
  9. Sign in using that same email address and the password you just set
  10. Visit
  11. Click Leave organization
  12. Confirm; click Leave organization again
  13. Click Complete the account sign-up steps
  14. Provide payment information
  15. Verify your phone number
  16. Select the free support plan
  17. When returned to the AWS Organizations console, click Leave organization again and confirm
  18. Click on the name of your account, the third option from the right in the top row of the console
  19. Click My Account
  20. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  21. Read all four conditions and check all four checkboxes
  22. Click Close Account
  23. Confirm; click Close Account