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Integrating your Okta identity provider

substrate create-admin-account -quality quality will ask for several inputs, which this page will help you provide from your Okta identity provider.

  1. Visit your Okta admin panel in a browser
  2. Click the hamburger menu
  3. Click Applications in the Applications section
  4. Click Create App Integration
  5. Select “OAuth - OpenID Connect”
  6. Select “Web Application”
  7. Click Next
  8. Customize App integration name
  9. Change the first/only item in Sign-in redirect URIs to “” (substituting your Intranet DNS domain name)
  10. Remove all Sign-out redirect URIs
  11. Select “Limit access to selected groups” and select the groups that are authorized to use AWS (or choose another option; this can always be reconfigured)
  12. Click Save
  13. Paste the Client ID, Client secret, and Okta domain in response to substrate create-admin-account’s prompts

Integrating your identity provider to control access to AWS

Deleting unnecessary root access keys